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"You actually allow the time for thoughts to emerge, time which allows space for those present to think and respond, for me there is no length that is too long to listen to thoughtful, insightful human beings thinking through very layered and complex topics. It's a radical act to do it. An act of resistance to allow time to be slowed down enough to think (& feel)."

"One of my favorite things about What's Left is how you all have these remarkable discussions with no fear of judgment (or being perceived as judging) even when you disagree. It's a nice change from the echo chamber environment so pervasive in today's world."

"I watch your channel because of the way you discuss ideas - there is a sense of open-endedness and sharing of process that doesn't come across in more heavily curated spaces."

Find out about our medical freedom group: Workers & Students for Choice

SVB: From Boom to Bust

Robert Doyle joins Eduardo and Andy (since Jessica couldn't make the episode due to a power outage) in a discussion of the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. Robert has worked at several banks at the C-Suite level and joins us to discuss why this happened and what does this mean for our future. BTW - Sorry for the lateness of the episode. Jessica is visiting us in the Bay Area so all of us are tied up having fun together and that delayed its release.

New Life in a Dystopian World

After a long hiatus our co-host Kenny joins us to give us an update about his life and share his journey along with his partner Crystal. We take a look at the displacement of beloved longtime San Franciscan residents' pressure to exit The City, Crystal's experience in the non-profit sector, their pregnancy, their navigation in the medical system, Kenny's factory job, and what they hope the future holds for them. Here goes our episode—especially for our listeners/viewers asking, "Where's Kenny?"—check us out.

The Lab Leak Conspiracy

Today we discuss Twitter Files and Lab Leak after the FBI Director came out and declared the "lab leak was most likely." We share our personal take on this and unresolved differences. Check us out.

Is Anarchism the Answer? Labels, Liberation & Realizing a Revolution

Today we hear Jessica and Eduardo's personal political journeys on Anarchism. What Anarchism means for them, what are their ideals, and how they see their political actions reflecting those ideals. Check it out.

Something Stinks in East Palestine, OH

A 150-car freight train operated by Norfolk Southern derailed and a so-called controlled burn released toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio the first week of february and fell almost unnoticed until recently. Today we discuss the environmental effects and its impact on its residents which only shows how across the nation our working class communities are exploited. We also delve into how we can take up action on a local level sharing personal experiences to be in solidarity with others. Check us out.

Medical Malpractice: Virology as Ideology (Part 2)

We continue our discussion with writer & Marxist Tom from Germany on his second installment of his four part piece "Virology as Ideology". In Part II: The Military-Academic-Industrial-Medico-Scientific Complex (MAIMS) Tom asks us to reexamine the assumption that the commodities produced by the MAIMS complex as always carrying a genuine use-value for consumers. That what is sold to us by providers, insurers, and governments is actually imposed onto us. Check us out!

Science Fiction: Virology as Ideology (Part 1)

Today, we interview writer & Marxist, Tom from Germany discussing Part 1 of his four part critique of science under Capitalism entitled "Virology as Ideology. A critique of Ruling Class Pseudoscience". Tom shares his critique with us of science not just driven by the pursuit of profits but by the need of our rulers to control and the ideological role science plays under Capitalism. Tom belongs part of a Leftist working group Freie Linke Zukunft (Free Left Future) that was formed out of the struggle of COVID and its lockdown impositions in Germany. . Check us out.

Ukraine, Russia & the United States: This Doesn't End Well

Today we continue our coverage of the "Ukrainian War" as we near its one year anniversary. As with past wars, the narrative of each war shapes the way we think about them through the media. Much of what is left out has others scrambling to find those missing pieces. Our co-host Andy has taken a deep dive into the weeds of this conflict and shares with us his perspective of what he predicts is to come. Check us out.

Transhumanism: Digital End Times

From genetic engineering to artificial intelligence, transhumanism - the way of the future is upon us. What does this mean for us? Today we discuss the issues of this "posthuman" life and it's possible endgame.

Transgenderism (part 2): Men and Women

Today we take on PART II of our topic on transgenderism. We tackle questions of fluidity, the spectrum of differences and how we see that fit in our movement. Does it matter that there are these differences? Check out our episode as we take on these challenging questions.

Transgenderism: Psyop or Liberation Movement? 

Jessica, Eduardo and Andy carry on our discussion from a year ago about our thoughts on transgenderism and what role it might play in moving the fight for liberation forward or backward. Check us out!

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