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"You actually allow the time for thoughts to emerge, time which allows space for those present to think and respond, for me there is no length that is too long to listen to thoughtful, insightful human beings thinking through very layered and complex topics. It's a radical act to do it. An act of resistance to allow time to be slowed down enough to think (& feel)."

"One of my favorite things about What's Left is how you all have these remarkable discussions with no fear of judgment (or being perceived as judging) even when you disagree. It's a nice change from the echo chamber environment so pervasive in today's world."

"I watch your channel because of the way you discuss ideas - there is a sense of open-endedness and sharing of process that doesn't come across in more heavily curated spaces."

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World War III is Here!

As the USA's recent decision to change the rules of war in Ukraine, striking Russian territory and occupied land, we see ourselves facing the next phase: World War III. Or at least that is the take of this episode. Do you agree? Check us out and tell us what you think.

WWI, the German Revolution and the Ruin of Reformism

Today, we have a new guest, Alex V., a colleague and fellow teacher with Andy at his school, Aurum Prep. Here, we discuss the lessons for people interested in revolution from the period just before WWI in Germany and how revolutionaries at the time abandoned their principles at the very time it mattered most to keep them. A similar thing has happened recently around Covid. We discuss why that happens and what lessons can be learned from it. Check us out.

Campus Occupations: Ruse or Rebellion?

"From the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free" - this chant is being heard across college campuses all over the USA. The rising student movement against the Gaza war is bringing up many questions for folks on many sides. Are they legitimate? Do they have any substance for support? Are their demands enough? Should we be in solidarity with them? We take up these questions in this episode. Check us out.

Therapy? Are You Crazy?!?!

Therapy. To do or not to do? That is the question. Some of us have gone through therapy, others are considering it. On today's episode we take up the question and try to share from personal perspectives if we think it is helpful or not. Check us out.

Scenario Planning for Systems of Control

 John Klyczek rejoins "What's Left? to workshop his presentation on how governments use 'systems of systems' to both control their populations and perform social engineering experiments on populations to alter their wants and desires.  

Flailing in Education

We all know the education system is broken, but for those of us in education (Andy, Eduardo), what do we do about it? Today, we give an update on our attempts to make our way in the education system and share our frustration and failure to figure out exactly what to do. Check us out!

Lavender, AI and the War on Humanity

The Israeli publications +972 and Local Call have exposed how the Israeli military used an artificial intelligence program known as Lavender to develop a "kill list" in Gaza that includes as many as 37,000 Palestinians who were targeted for assassination with little human oversight. We invite everyone to check out the article as we discuss it as we connect how what's happening in Gaza will eventually happen to us all.

Rung By Rung Up the Escalation Ladder

Today we reflect on Iran's recent retaliation on Israel. What does it mean in the midst of other strategic wars going on? World War III? Take a dive with us.

The Coming Trump Presidency

John Klyczek and Andy discuss the likelihood of Trump winning the next US Presidential election and what his election would mean for US geopolitics.

Candace Cancelled

Eduardo and Andy reflect on the meaning of Candace Owen's recent firing at the Daily Wire due to her position on the Israeli war on Gaza and the Palestinians. Cancel culture rears its head again but this time from the Right. Does this matter? We think so and we discuss why? Check us out!

Uncle Aaron

In loving memory of Aaron Libson(1938 - 2024): father, worker, communist, activist, friend and Uncle, Rest In Peace and Love.

Catching Up with John Klyczek 

It's been a while since we had our friend John Klyczek on the show. We decided to invite him on to tell us what he's been up to and what sort of things going on in the world are on his mind. As usual, the discussion takes us to some interesting and unexpected places…from the Greek Orthodox Church to the RAND corporations funding futurist dystopias of social planning and control. Check us out!

A Letter Opposed to Open Borders: WL? Responds

One of our viewers takes the time to draft a thoughtful letter telling us why they oppose open borders. What's Left? Shares that letter and gives our response to some of the thoughts expressed in it.

Dual Citizens

It's What's Left?'s 300th episode! Thanks to everyone that has come along for this journey we have been on together. Today, Eduardo and Gema discuss how their being raised in two different countries influenced their political belief and how they express themselves.

Two Years of War in Ukraine…Does NATO Enter Next?

Today we take a look back two years in at the war in Ukraine with recent discussions on NATO troops potentially being involved. Our thoughts on a top NATO general's analysis has us put the war in context to current events happening and our bleak future.

Tucker Carlson, Mike Benz & the Censorship State of America

This we look more deeply at the Interview of Mike Benz (from Foundation for Freedom Online) and what it tells us about the history and state of censorship in the United States. We also consider what lessons the information holds for the freedom movement in the US (and around the globe).

Nayib Bukele: World's Coolest Dictator

What's Left discuss the recent re-election of Nayib Bukele as President of El Salvador. He gets things done but is also increased state powers dramatically. Nevertheless, if he is a dictator, he is a popular one who received over 85% of the popular vote. What do you do when the public demands the State crack down on a portion of the population with an iron fist? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

The State, the Left and the State of the Left

Jeff Strahl joins us on "What's Left?" to talk about the origins of the terms "Right" and "Left" and asks the question "Should we even build the Left?". And if you do choose to build the Left, what exactly are you building? This gets us to a discussion on the role of the State and issues about the nature of Left politics.

Duped by the Texas Border Boondoggle!

Today we bring up the Texas-Biden Border dispute as it relates to our fight against more surveillance and data collection and what it means for the possibility of actually building a freedom movement.

What Happened to the Left that We Left?

Gema, Eduardo and Andy return to 2018 and try and figure out what happened to the Left we felt we were a part of and try and figure out how it became the toxic mess it is today.

Who Controls the World?

In what amounts to a part II of our discussion last week about Whitney Webb's ideas on what's behind the push for Central Bank Digital Currency push, Andy and Kenny discuss another Whitney Webb interview (this time with Kim Iversen) where they discuss "Who's behind all this?" And try to get to the root of the problems that accumulate around the globe.

Whitney Webb, Fabio Vighi and Central Bank Digital Currency

Kenny and Andy discuss a recent interview of Whitney Webb by Jimmy Dore as they discuss the likelihood of a generate crisis event to implement central bank digital currency. We talk about it in the context of two articles written by Marxist Fabio Vighi(here and here) who talks about the role of crisis as a mechanism of ruling class control. Check us out!

Who are the Houthis?

Today, we discuss the War in Gaza slowly become a regional war as more players are drawn into the battle. Many expected to hear about groups like Hezbollah or countries like Lebanon, Turkey or Iran, but surprisingly a new group has emerged on the world stage, the Houthis from Yemen. They are known as Ansar Allah (which means 'Partisan of God". Who are these people and what does their fight mean for the prospects of US defeat and the inexorable push towards global war?

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