Eduardo and Andy started "What's Left?" back in May of 2018 as a project for putting out a different political narrative than we saw on the scene.  Eduardo was mostly interested in educating himself and possibly educating others on the meaning behind the political issues of the day.  Andy wanted to explore his Marxist politics and get back to their radical/revolutionary roots and maybe find other radicals who felt the same way.  We both felt the Left had an unhealthy environment for discussing and exploring politics and hoped to model a different way of relating and engaging over differences.

Kenny joined us back near the end of 2019.  Kenny was getting more political in relation to events in Nicaragua, Guatemala and his own journey here in the United States.  Since then, we have not looked back! Recently, January 2022, Jessica Holmes joined us after subbing in for Eduardo who was gone from "What's Left?" for several months during a trip to Mexico.

Eduardo Abarca

Andy Libson

I have been teaching science (Chemistry & Physics) at Mission High School in San Francisco for over 20 years.  My science background where i got my PhD in biophysics at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  I got burned out on research and decided to become a school teacher.  

I have considered myself a Marxist and a socialist for about the last 2 decades.  I first came into contact with revolutionary politics around the US war on Serbia and joined the International Socialist Organization around that time.  10 years later I left out of sense that they were a reformist organization and the leadership maneuvered to isolate its critics.  

Since then, I have been active in my teachers union and trying to figure out where Marxism fits into (if it does) to understanding the world today with the aim of changing it.

To send a note to all of us go to our CONTACT page, but if you want reach me you can send an email to andrewlibson@gmail.com

Kenny Zepeda

Jessica Holmes

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